Environmental Recovery offers an entire system of remediation products and services strictly tailored for today’s environmental needs. Employing the use of ReNewTM, RxDPTM, GeoBondTM1000 and GeoBondTM2000, Crop-UpTM, ACCELTM, DISPLEXTM, GeoPercTM helps resolve soil remediation issues wherever they exist. In addition to restoring the environment, the products are uncomplicated to apply, act quickly to rehabilitate the soil and economical for buyers.

Through our consultative and training services, our experts offer recommendations and guidelines on application of each product.



ReNewTM is a soluble liquid amendment product that remediates severe salt (sodium chloride) contaminated soils caused from salt water spills and leaks. This specifically designed solution quickly displaces harmful sodium with a concentrated source of calcium and vital soil nutrients helping to restore salt contaminated soils and vegetation to their natural growing conditions. ReNewTM improves soil structure for increased water infiltration and permeability. ReNewTM contains no nitrates.



RxDPTM is used in conjunction with ReNewTM on deep, older sodium-damaged soils. RxDPTM was specially designed to displace harmful sodium concentrations found in lower areas of the soil, thus preventing potential recontamination of the surface area often encountered with deeper salt-damaged sites. The specially designed additives incorporated in this product accelerate its penetration into deeper zones of the soil. Acting as a “protective shield” to sodium, RxDPTM helps prevent rising sodium concentrations from affecting the root zone of crops and vegetation.



GeoBondTM1000 is a soil conditioner and catalyst for use with GeoBondTM2000 soil stabilizer and erosion control products. GeoBondTM2000 is a polymeric soil conditioner and stabilizer. Used in conjunction with GeoBondTM1000, it works to prevent erosion and improve soil tilth. Both GeoBondTM products are non-hazardous products that can be used in conjunction with soil remediation products and to prevent erosion.

Download GeoBondTM 1000 Safety Data Sheet

Download GeoBondTM 2000 Safety Data Sheet



Crop-UpTM is a specially designed pre-emergent growth stimulator and nutrient supplement for accelerated germination of crops and vegetation in areas previously affected by salt and hydrocarbon contamination. Crop-UpTM stimulates growth while supplying a stabilized balance of vital nutrients for depleted and stressed soils. Soils affected by salts and hydrocarbons are usually deprived of the soil structure and critical nutrients necessary or seed emergency and re-growth. These soils are generally composed of dense layers that are usually impenetrable to plant roots. Crop-UpTM also strengthens cell wall structure for improved development during plant emergence. Crop-UpTM is a non-hazardous product that can be used in conjunction with soil remediation products such as ACCELTM and ReNewTM for the remediation of hydrocarbon and salt contaminated soils.*



ACCELTM helps to remediate soils contaminated by the hydrocarbons from oil muds, oil spills or leaks. This proprietary product contains a concentrated and stabilized nutrient package that promotes and accelerates reproduction and growth of microorganisms present in the soil. ACCELTM assists these microorganisms in rapidly breaking down hydrocarbon contaminants for a more efficient and economical bioremediation process.



DISPLEXTM is a highly concentrated aqueous-based cleaner and breaker for the removal of petroleum- and organic-based hydrocarbon accumulation on soils and surfaces. DISPLEXTM is superior for routine cleaning operations in commercial and industrial establishments. DISPLEXTM can be used on concrete, pilings, plant floors, off shore platforms, well heads, tank bottoms, metal parts, rocks and other surfaces. With regular use, DISPLEXTM removes oil and grease buildup and stains on surfaces. After initial applications, less DISPLEXTM is needed for maintenance treatments. DISPLEXTM is a biodegradable product that can be used in conjunction with soil remediation products such as ACCELTM and ReNewTM for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils.



GeoPercTM is a pre-mix blend of proprietary surfactants and surface tension reducers specially designed for soil remediation. Used alone, or with ReNewTM and/or RxDPTM, GeoPercTM improves percolation and soil cleansing.



*Please consult your Environmental Recovery representative for product application recommendations and guidelines.


ReNewTM, RxDPTM, GeoBondTM1000 and GeoBondTM2000, Crop-UpTM, ACCELTM, DISPLEXTM, GeoPercTM are all registered trademarks

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